Glamour Beauty Mansion

This is a place where you can pamper yourself with all the services that you expect in a warm and comfy environment. When you sit down a beauty salon to have your fingernails manicured, or facial your skin, you're probably more worried about which shade of polish or which perfect product skin to choose than catching a potentially deadly disease.

In order for you not to be infected with such, you have to make sure that the beauty salon you are relying yourself into are professionals in their fields. We always ensured that our servuce is clean and safe. Visit us with worry free!

Our Services

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Eyebrow Embroidery:
- Creative Eyebrow I
- Creative Eyebrow II 3D
- Creative Eyebrow III 4D
- Korean Nano Eyebrow
- 3D Nano Eyebrow

- Whitening & Hydrating Treatment
- Serum Treatment
- Nano Active Eye Care
- Lymphatic Meridian Whitening Treatment
- Oxy Facial Treatment
- E-Light Treatment
- Far Infra Red Treatment

Face Lifting:
- RF Treatment
- Meridian Treatment

Body & Health:
- Moxibustion Treatment
- Far Infra Red Treatment
- RF Treatment

- Permanent Hair Removal
- Lip Embroidery
- Eyelash Extension
- Eyelash Regrowth
- Eyebrow Trimming
- Face Threading
- Manicure and Pedicure (OPI & Gel)
- Mole/Pigmentation Removal
- Ear Candling